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World First Natural ENERGY DRINK, free from Caffeine


For over a thousand years, Orientals have consumed a Well-Being Tonic Tea, an infusion made from mythical fruits, leaves, and roots.  CHEERS is based on such selected mythical concoction, which has been believed, in Oriental Medicine, to moisturize and rejuvenate human inner organs to bring the health and energies(氣), incidentally inhibiting alcoholic hangover symptoms.


Now for the first time on the world, the devotional researchers of the Company have succeeded to formulate CHEERS drink inventively, a predominantly exquisite blend of natural herbs and spices containing these naturally active core-ingredients of a millennium tradition, taking advantage of advanced biology technologies.  Notably, under the philosophy of the Company "only natural & unique, and to create value for human health and wellbeing life" CHEERS absolutely excluded all the chemical stimulants such as caffeine, glucuronolactone, etc. which may bring side effects and induce dependencies but other chemical energy drink usually contains as main ingredients.


Such Unique Herb Energy Drink becomes available to international consumers worldwide, biologically engineered to protect drinkers by remarkably deterring excessive alcohol absorption and lowering alcohol concentration level in blood and salvia, promoting alcohol metabolism and discharging the wasted toxic byproducts through respiratory and digestive tracts and secretions, at the same time considerably contributing to eliminate excessive free radicals and blocking lipid-peroxides, thereby not only simply prevent and cure hangover symptoms but also alleviate alcoholic liver tissue injury and conclusively contribute to protect the liver from various dysfunctions and diseases caused by alcoholism.


This tasteful and fun-filled health boosting tonic containing many effective natural herbs, spices and mellow natural sweeteners organically combined together, relieves hangover symptoms effectively and also provides many other collateral benefits to your health, such as severe thirst quencher, diuretic, easing constipation, relieving nausea and stuffy chest, helping lower total cholesterol level and control blood pressure, and many more impressive energizing tonic properties, never attainable by other chemical energy drink.



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