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Q. Is it safe for human consumption?


The base of CHEERS is extracted from the herb tree rasin which has been used over a thousand years in Orient as a food and herb medicine.  In the history of herbal botanic and medicines, no side effect for this material was reported in science world.  In our experiments as well, no harmful component was detected or suspected.  It contains only beneficial ingredients in its fruit, mainly composed of lots of glucose, calcium malate, and so on.  Such safe and stable CHEERS has been registered at FDA SID and got approvals by KFDA, GOST, SGS, etc and passed various exams of each government food controls.  It is totally safe & stable and absolutely free from side effects.


Q. What is the difference from other Energy Drinks?


Many brands of energy drink or smart drinks claim to boost energy and some even claim to relieve hangovers and drinking related side effects, but definitely CHEERS is in a class all by itself when it comes to measuring product efficacy with its origin. The CHEERS formula is based on natural ingredients.  In the way of medicinal actions, it is contrary to the western pills or prescriptions of chemicals usually taken during or after drink.  It is activated most effectively when it is taken beforehand. Then it makes human body activated to respond to alcohol intake and counteract to poisonous effects of alcohols.

CHEERS is hangover-easing health booster by prompting metabolism of overall inner organs, and urinating & evacuating poisons accumulated in the body, while others function stimulating nerves or temporarily relieving of nerve pains.


Its naturally no fat and low caloric content allows CHEERS to be used as a natural dietary supplement substituting or alternating with other diet drinks, but without the high chemical contents of the latter.  CHEERS are also differentiated as an excellent diuretic and helps cleanse the kidneys and liver.  It is the prime natural purifying tonic.





Base Materials




Metabolic Energizer

Nerve Stimulant

Major Usages

Hangover, Quenching


When to Drink

Before, During & After


Health Contribution



Side Effect & Dependency




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Q. How to drink, and what is the usages?


Drink best when chilled.  It may be taken once after open, or two or three times diluted with water.  The drink can be taken freely without dosage restrictions.


1. Before drink 20 minutes to 30 minutes ahead is very optimum

2. After drink in the following morning or when closing party

3. During drink as a cocktail mixer or shot chaser.


Q. I like to know more about quenching effect?


CHEERS has very mysterious function to quench thirst at once, which is unusual as a kind of hangover drink. People frequently experience unquenchable thirst next morning after heavier drink.  Strangely enough, one cup of CHEERS calms down thirsts.  Just single can outdoes one litter bottle of water or juice.  We believe this kind of mysterious quenching effect comes from the unique function of CHEERS to moisturize human organs.  It moisturizes human organs to enable them to operate metabolism smoothly and effectively, just as you see moisturizer cosmetics do the skin.  Other expressions of this moisturizing function in human organs are to release constipation and eliminate foul breath after drink, both of which occur when the organs are dried up.


Q. Does it protect liver from alcohol and improve hepatic function?


We say yes.  We boast CHEERS is the unique hangover cure drink to attain contradictory solution.   It lets people to drink alcohol smoothly and cheerfully, preventing hangover symptoms, while protecting the liver itself.  Even though CHEERS can not be classified into therapeutic pharmaceutical medicine, it protects human organs, especially liver itself, from probable development to the diseases in result of excessive indulgence of alcohol.  If you take CHEERS when you drink, it contributes considerably to protect the liver not to be developed to liver fat.  Tentative experiments proved GOT and GPT levels of liver for the people who have taken CHEERS mix are much lower than those who have taken alcohol alone.


Q. What does the clock symbol stand for?


The symbol implies for WAKE UP and Energy.  It is very interesting that CHEERS bring a 'LIFT' effect for manhood.  From those who have tried CHEERS, many people report much enhanced drive when wake up in the early morning  next day.  CHEERS is called as very mythical Oriental Express to the destination of energy and health, and more importantly the enhanced sensation of WELL-BEING.





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