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The CHEERS DRINK Questionnaire was designed as a part of our research promotion to the public.


The breakdown of the questionnaire is below with a percentages of responses and where a written response was requested, a broad spectrum is displayed.


1. Did you like the look & feel of the can?

    Yes 100% / No 0% / Indifferent 0%


2. Did you like the taste & smell of CHEERS?

    Yes 53% / No 26% / Indifferent 21%


3. When did you drink CHEERS?

    On arrival 33.3% / During the night 33.3% / Next morning 33.3%


4. Did CHEERS have any affect on you?

    Yes 66.6% / No 0% / Indifferent 33.3%


5. Can you describe these effects?

    Made me feel bubbly

    The next morning I had no headache or dehydration

    Still felt tired, but not with my usual massive hangover

    Rapid re-hydration -- Normally takes all day.

    No shakes and feeling queasy -- Fab!

    Didn't get drunk that easily, and didn't feel any negative effects the next morning.

    A very positive effect indeed!  No headache in the morning or any other (normal)     hangover feelings.

    The slightly nauseous feeling that goes with over indulging was significantly     lessened

    Very slight hangover feeling after a late night of alcohol consumption


6. Did you drink your CHEERS when it was cold?

    Yes 53% / No 47%


7. At the party were you informed as to when to drink CHEERS?

    Yes 60% / No 40%


8. Did you know that CHEERS is not only effective when used to help you     with your hangover, but you can also drink it before and during     alcohol consumption, which would enable you to drink more?

    Yes 73% / No 27%


9. Did you know that CHEERS is the only natural drink on the market for greatly     reducing the affect of hangovers?

    Yes 40% / No 60%


10. Would you pay U$2.50 for a CHEERS if you had a major hangover?

      Yes 73% / No 27%


11. Where would you most likely purchase CHEERS from?

      24 Hour Convenience Stores 73%

      Night Clubs 13.5%

      Supermarket Chains 13.5%

      Pubs, Bars & Restaurants 0%


12. In terms of understanding of what CHEERS is best used for, which of the 3       slogans has the most impact on you?

      The drink to drink after you drink 47%

      The drink to drink if you drink 47%

      The drink to drink before you drink 6%





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