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Wake You Up Fresher, even more awake !!


A Dietary Health Tea and Natural Energy Drink

Several brands of health drinks claim to boost energy and some even claim to relieve hangovers and drinking related side effects, but definitely CHEERS is in a class all by itself when it comes to measuring product efficacy.


The CHEERS formula is based on an ancient oriental recipe composed basically of natural ingredients. Persons may consume CHEERS not only when drinking, but also as a refreshing tea beverage at any time one may feel to need that extra energy. The difference is appreciated in short term bringing an invigorating sensation to the CHEERS consumer.


It's naturally no fat and low caloric content allows CHEERS to be used as a natural dietary supplement substituting or alternating with other diet teas or diet sodas, but without the high chemical content of the latter. CHEERS are also an excellent diuretic and helps cleanse the kidneys and liver. It is the prime natural purifying tonic.



As a cold drink: Chill in the refrigerator and serve cold. This is the way we normally recommend drinking CHEERS.

As Tea: Some people may prefer to drink it as a traditional tea, warming the product in a cup, to taste. 

As a Superb Re-Hydrator: Drink cold after physical workouts, during hot weather or when suffering post alcoholic dehydration or any other form of corporal dehydration. 




Alcoholic Effect Inhibitor: Tests have shown that this product is most effective when consumed 20 to 30 minutes before beginning to drink alcoholic beverages.

Post Alcoholic Effect Inhibitor (against hangover symptoms): CHEERS may be consumed after shortly drinking or the following morning.

Cocktail Mixer & Shot Chaser:  CHEERS is a refreshing chaser when you enjoy straight hard liquor, or you may prefer to mix CHEERS with your favorite liquors or liqueurs



One can of 5.0Fl.Oz / 150ml. works enough for every man and woman, because CHEERS is a very thick extraction containing lots of actively effective ingredients.  However, you can double the quantity at a time or during the day.  If you foresee a hangover looming at a big party while you've got an important test/meeting/date tomorrow. CHEERS is most effective at combating post alcoholic symptoms if drunk just before your first drink, another can later on through the session or just before leaving the party. You may take CHEERS as well when you wake up next morning. It terminates the severe thirst coming from dehydration by alcohol and moisturate and energize your exhausted body. 



The distinguishing and wholesome taste

of Mother Nature


The product is savored in fresh fruit, beneficial herbs and spices, and natural sweets, all blended with pure mountain mineral water.

Taste it once and you'll taste it always.






All kinds of alcoholic hangover symptoms:

Consuming alcohol daily / Losing controls habitually and repeating blackouts / Having foul breath / Rising body temperature / Hastening heartbeats and heartthrobs / Experiencing headaches, stuffy chest, stomachaches, diarrhea, etc. / Feeling nausea or vomiting / Severe thirst and dried lips / Becoming enervated the next day


Energizing Herb Tonic, Natural Health Booster as an alternative medicine:

Promoting hepatic function and energizing metabolism of inner organs, controlling blood sugar and total cholesterol level, rejuvenating by eliminating excessive free radicals and blocking lipid peroxides together with aphrodisiac effects for manhood, stimulating urination and helping diuretic dysfunctions, easing constipation, helping halitosis, cooling body fever, relieving stuffy chest and nausea, and many more impressive health boosting properties never attainable by other chemical energy drink.





When CHEERS is taken beforehand or mixed with alcohol as a chaser or mixer, CHEERS may lead to over consumption of alcohol than usual quantity.  Refrain from consuming alcohol much heavier than moderate.

The effective herbal ingredients of CHEERS have been used to treat alcohol related symptoms and diseases during tens of hundred years as a most safe and effective treatment.  No side effect or danger of over dosage has been reported to the science world.  Allowed to take CHEERS without restrictions in time and frequencies.





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